DIY Duit Raya/Eidyah envelope. Sukses!!

You know that feeling when you just HAVE to do something? This was one of them. Having been inspired by the Origami envelope video, I just had to try out making Eid envelopes by recycling (or rather upcycling) some old newspaper. Grabbed some paint and stencils from good ol’ Bras Basah complex, and those creative […]

Getting Crafty with Plastic Bottles.

A video was recently circulating amongst some Green Muslims on Facebook – Project ME and A World of Green Muslims – of how the ingenuity of one slum dweller in the Philippines literally brought light to the lives of his neighbours. With the lack of electricity available to slum dwellers living dangerously close to railroad […]

Mental Note for Next Eid #1

Much has been said about having a Green Ramadan. But what about a Green Eid? Sounds pretty tough… but here’s one little tip, for making a small eco-effort. Eid al Fitr / Aidil Fitri / Idul Fitri (po-tay-to, po-tah-to… depending on where you are) is a wonderful occasion of merriment with family and friends. Children […]


To all on the Sunny Concrete Island of Singapore, Do you have old clothes that you don’t want? Particularly those with “ethnic” designs or plain colours donate? Are the clothes of a material that allows people to write on it easily with fabric pens? Would you like to donate those old clothes to be cut […]