Project ME: Muslims & the Environment

What is Project ME?

Project ME came about as a result of 2 activities carried out by the Young Association of Muslim Professionals (Young AMP) in Singapore.

These activities demonstrated that while there may be Muslim individuals out there that care for the environment, it is not often the case that they would see the Muslim community as being environmentally friendly. This would also seem incongruent with Islam which emphasizes that being green is in fact a way of life. Moreover, Muslims are not immune to the effects of global environmental issues, and can in fact provide innovative solutions to addressing these problems.

Hence Project ME seeks to build on this momentum in encouraging Muslims  to do their part for protecting the environment for the betterment of humanity.

The name Project ME is symbolic for two main reasons:

  • ME is an abbreviation for Muslims and the Environment
  • ME demonstrates the significance of individuals in taking action to protect the environment.


The objectives of Project ME are as follows:

  • To enhance the level of environmental awareness and action amongst Muslims
  • To encourage individuals to think about their religion and issues that surround them in a more holistic manner
  • To build bridges with various sectors and other communities in finding solutions to environmental problems while meeting other concerns (eg. socio-economic issues) .

While the primary focus of this project is on Muslims in Singapore, it is open to all who are interested and not exclusively Muslims. The more the merrier! 🙂


How does Project ME work?

While still in its infancy, Project ME will largely function online, where subscribers are encouraged to share articles, experiences and ideas on various aspects of the environment, and how individuals or communities can take action to protect the environment.

It is envisioned that informal offline activities (eg. nature walks, green pot lucks, movies/seminars, or simple coffee sessions) will transpire, at any time depending on the level of enthusiasm and  commitment of members of the group. Subscribers will also be notified of other environment related activities organised by other organisations.

To be part of Project ME, join us on Facebook via this link.



  1. Good information…thank you

  2. Found this website through a message from Sofiah Jamil on LinkedIn: very happy to find you! I’ve been an environmentalist longer than a Muslim, converting due to Islam’s green message, but due to finding limited resources on Islam and the environment outside the Quran, thought I’d give it a shot myself: ‘119 ways to please God, how to (re-)align your daily life with your duty of care to Creation’ (available via Amazon & book shops, just give them the ISBN: 978-1844266296). I look forward to read about and learn from your activities! In peace, Rianne (Birmingham, UK)

  3. As an active eco-advocate, I am curious to know what is this group’s stance on the impact of eating meat. It is clear from recent FAO/UN findings that the Meat Farming Industry is the biggest cause of climate change via methane gas emissions. So, what is your message to Muslims on meat consumption?

    • thegreenbush says:

      Hi Meraj,

      Thanks for your comments.

      For me, I think the initial message would be to eat meat in moderation. The reason here is that many Muslim communities have meat dishes – especially when you think about all the kebabs, lamb briyani, beef rendang, etc… So as much as we would like to significantly reduce the amount of methane from meat consumption, change for some people would have to be gradual.

      Some would also say that this topic about methane gas emissions from meat, would also bring into question of our annual sacrifices during Eid Al Adha. Are Muslims ready to discuss this sort of thing? And if so, how do you go about doing it?

      Food for thought.


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