Permaculture Design Course Up North in January.

If the world is small, Singapore and its neighbours are microscopic!

In late July this year, I had the opportunity to meet Ustazah Kauthar, initiator of the Go Green Muslims programme in the Integrated Islamic School in Shah Alam, Malaysia. It was wonderful to see her various efforts in nurturing the young with fundamental environmental principles through the school’s curriculum. During our conversation, Kauthar had briefly mentioned her husband Giovanni who was into permaculture.

Fast forward 6 months, Bro Giovanni and I have met (online.. thanks Facebook)!  Giovanni is the Founder of Murujan Permaculture Design, where as the Lead Teacher and Consultant, he is responsible for developing course structure, project ideas and execution.  As a consultant and teacher, Giovanni focusses on soil building, food production alternative economic systems and community development.

In January 2012, Murujan will be conducting a Permaculture Design Certificate course that will be conducted by Mustafa Fatih Bakir, founding director of The Permaculture Research Institute of Turkey.

Opportunities for Permaculture courses in this part of the world are few. Moreover, while the knowledge earned from the course would be priceless, its low training fees making all the more worthwhile, especially for (those of us on a shoestring budget!). That’s a full 2 week course with an international trainer for RM 2000 (an approximate SGD 820). You could never get a permaculture course in Singapore at that rate for sure!

Click here for more details on the course, which is open to all.

On a side note, I can’t help but emphasize how great it is to see Muslims from all walks of life doing their bit for the environment.

Green Muslims are out there. We just have to find one another other, InshaAllah  🙂 


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