That’s nice :)

What a nice way to start the weekend! Got tagged in this Facebook post by a friend.

The newspaper article in question was in Singapore’s Straits Times sometime in early Feb 2011. The article was essentially a feature on me and the stuff that I’ve been doing professionally and on the side (albeit just little stuff).

To the junior college student that wrote the article review, thank you. Your appreciation for the work I do is definitely a source of motivation for me to do more. I look forward to seeing the exciting things that you are doing or potentially will do in the future. Just remember:

Sedikit-dikit, lama-lama menjadi bukit 🙂

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  1. atikah wahid says:

    Salam. I’m really sorry to drop you a message like this but I can’t seem to find your email! My name is Atikah and I’m from International Islamic University Malaysia. I am currently a member of Green Team, a student-based IIUM environmentalist club that is passionate about the preservation of nature and community activities. I am also the editor of its newsletter, the Green Gazette. I attended a forum and you were one of the key speakers, which was the World Islamic Economic Forum in KL. I thought it was interesting how you combined both Islamic values with environmental facts. And so, I went onto your blog to know more!

    After reading your blog, I realised that you would be a great role model for our readers here in IIUM. A lot of the students here are concerned with the environment but most do not really see the link between religion and nature so I think the very first step is to introduce them to you!

    So, I’m wondering, if we could interview you for our next edition of our newsletter? We would love to know a little bit more of the Green Bush and your efforts! This interview will be done entirely through email. I hope you would kindly spare a little bit of your time for us. I think the readers will definitely benefit a lot by learning your story.

    I hope to hear from you soon!


    PS: you can check Green Team’s FB group if you want to know more about us! :

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