The Doritos-Palm Oil Nexus. Whut?!

When I saw this video (below), I was like "Dayummmmm.." I mean what's a party without a bowl of Doritos? That convenient [read: LAZY] option to just grab from the store to entertain guests or bring to a pot luck gathering. The solution: Just gotta be a bit more creative and try healthier options then... like good ol' carrot and celery sticks and dips. Or altenative corn chips that don't have a bad rep (but probably cost a little more). It's funny how many of us would say we're … [Read More...]


Happy Australia Day!

Up before sunrise on a public holiday. WHUT?! Cos sometimes you just gotta get things done. Fajr prayers, intercontinental skype calls, reports and thesis. But first, a wholemeal toast with a spread of almond butter and fresh fig. Yes fresh fig. Ditch the jam and have the real thing when you can. Cuppa coffee and Mano Chao to keep me company too. Enjoy! :) … [Read More...]

gerlach book

Beyond Food For Fuel: The Little Red Dot in GCC-ASEAN Relations

Another book chapter in the bag. Weeee!!!! *Alhamdulillah* :) This chapter is part of an edited volume that has been the result of conference papers presented at Asia-Gulf relations workshop at the 2012 Gulf Research Meeting (GRM), held at the University of Cambridge in July 2012. The 2012 GRM was perhaps the biggest compared to previous years, with a total 20 workshops happening simultaneously over 4 days and spread out in the various colleges of the University of Cambridge. Workshops … [Read More...]

nukes PE commentary

Nuclear Energy in SEA: Public Engagement Before Policies

Three Years after the Fukushima Nuclear disaster several Southeast Asian governments have revived their nuclear plans, with Vietnam leading the way for six nuclear plants. The moves have been galvanised by Japan’s U-turn to retain nuclear energy after initially wanting to phase out nuclear power plants after the 3-11 disaster. Like it or not, the prospects for nuclear energy in Southeast Asia are likely to grow, thus making it necessary for governments to give sufficient attention to their … [Read More...]

Bush Food


Culinary experiments

A sample of quick and nutritious … ...


The Power of the Pot

A couple of weeks ago I moved out of my … ...


Happy Australia Day!

Up before sunrise on a public holiday. … ...


Fruit fest

Fruits are for all occasions. It … ...

More Food Porn

Let’s Talk About It

Would you still eat this?

Exhibit A Exhibit B Boy am … ...

Landfill treasure

Waste picking to waste managing in Asian cities

In a recent NTS Alert on urban … ...

No Drive Thru, here.

Disasters’ Damage on Development

Recent media reports on the new wave of … ...

Post-Kyoto Protocol: Changing a Climate of Denial?

As governments gear up to meet in … ...


Take Action!!

SAM_2228 (427x640)

FiTree’s First Green Iftar

It was barely a couple of weeks ago when … ...


Apply now for WIEF Young Fellows 2014

The World Islamic Economic Forum (WIEF) … ...


Ramadan Greetings from Chicago

As the month of Ramadan draws nearer, so … ...

Be Green, Please: Empty Tin Cans Only!

Mental Note for Next Eid #2

So my family recently had our Eid open … ...

More Action..

The Living Green Bush

Green Bush Buds. Wow!

Don’t you just love TeKnoLoGi?

Ok, so I didn't think I'd join Facebook, … ...

With Prof. Emil Salim

Up close with Professor Emil Salim

How often do you get to meet someone who … ...

Healthy vegetarian iftar FTW!

A Girly Green Iftar

Me: "I'm having a Green Iftar on … ...

Wajib: This is Necessary.

So I finally decided to embrace the New … ...

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