Food Fights over Food Rights

"Global food price shocks have demonstrated the urgent need to effectively address food insecurity in Southeast Asia – both at the national and regional level" This think-piece goes beyond issues of supply and demand of food, and provides greater insight to the role of Human Security in understanding the issue of food security in a... Continue Reading →


Climate action on a concrete island

"The over-reliance on the government for solutions, however, reflects what some have termed as the nanny-state syndrome: due to years of strong state intervention and action, people have become apathetic and expect the government to address all problems." Read more about addressing climate change in Singapore in this article in Asia Dialogue, the online magazine... Continue Reading →

Pandemic measures during the Hajj

In a think piece “Ensuring Good Health During the Hajj in a Time of the H1N1 Pandemic”, I  – together with researchers at the RSIS Centre for NTS Studies – commented on the progress and prospects of H1N1 pandemic mitigation efforts in Saudi Arabia leading up to the annual Hajj pilgrimage in 2009. The piece... Continue Reading →

Goodbye Algerian Rose – a tribute to Warda

"Warda's influence transcends beyond the Arab diaspora by overcoming language barriers with the melodic tunes of her songs and her sultry voice."   Read my tribute piece to Warda in Ahlan, the newsletter of the Arabic Society in the Australian National University, Canberra.

Happy Australia Day!

Up before sunrise on a public holiday. WHUT?! Cos sometimes you just gotta get things done. Fajr prayers, intercontinental skype calls, reports and thesis. But first, a wholemeal toast with a spread of almond butter and fresh fig. Yes fresh fig. Ditch the jam and have the real thing when you can. Cuppa coffee and... Continue Reading →

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